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About Us

About Biocryptology

Biocryptiology is the first and only company that integrates using a universal and impartial identification platform, our approach avoids dealing with phishing and impersonation, allowing secure transactions in any process.

Biocryptology is a Spanish-Dutch technology company that starts from a concept created by our Founder in Holland 10 years ago: to eliminate the dependence on password identification or the contrast of identification documents. For this we use the unique identifier inherent to each person, their biometric data associating them with their device and their user profile.

Our company first started designing advanced hardware devices for integrating biometric identification and payments.

Over time we have devised new innovative solutions that connects the digital and physical worlds, increasing security and availability for final users and entities.

What do we do?

We are a company dedicated to design technology solutions. Our goal is to enhance identification processes by using the biometric profiles stored in a device, either the user’s mobile phone or one of our proprietary hardware devices, having their own algorithm, that reaches the level of security required by the regulated industry.

Why do I have to use Biocryptology in my e-commerce or business?


The login process is free for all e-commerces and stores. We use the SaaS model to provide services beyond identification, at the same time we adapt to the needs of each client.


We provide an add-on for CMS or an API for a fast and easy integration. In case you need a custom-made development, we have designed our API.


We meet the required level of security, using either a mobile device, our proprietary devices, or even integrating with the e-commerce devices.


We have become a real omnichannel solution since we can identify users in online and offline environments with secure biometric level.


Saving costs in backoffice is inherent to the process, complying with all applicable regulations. Even users controls their profile information, avoiding thus problems with DGPR.

Since the origin of the Internet, the need to use passwords has been one of the issues that has gone together with -and frustrated- us most as users. Security and ease of access have always been in a difficult balance. Usually, the parties involved lost the game: users having to remember more and more difficult combinations of numbers, letters and characters; and e-commerces and websites that needed to put barriers down to prevent unauthorized access to their services. There was the time to break that vicious cycle: to ease user access without compromising the site security.
Engineering Phase
Teams of telecommunications and software engineers from different countries started to design a solution that combined physical elements with microprocessors, designed specifically for digital reading, storage and recognition, together with cryptographic software that enabled to have a solution, technically viable and secure, in any physical and online environments.
Hardware Development
The conceptualization and technical design phase shift to production stage. The development of several devices that offer solutions to different identification problems started. Among them, a wireless POS with digital fingerprint reader was developed. This device was welcome enthusiastically by the retail and restoration industries. Its commercialization was carried out the very first years in the United States since they were ready to adopt innovative solutions.
Changing the concept into solutions
Learning during these first years was fundamental, specially to give answer to one issue: the risk for passwords to be stolen from companies on the Internet had been multiplied significantly. User data security could be in danger in the future, if biometric data were stored in online databases. In short, user data protection should be reinforced. Thus, the universal identification platform, Biocryptology, was born. A disruptive concept where security, ease of use and user data protection meet and allows online and offline worlds to be linked.
All the experience learnt during all these years have helped us to start a new phase. The user needs we have detected over the years, now have become a real demand of our final users and clients. Simultaneously, the production of smartphones that includes the technology necessary to use them as biometric devices was increased. European regulations also showed us that consumers protection should be prioritized by launching the GDPR regulation. Everything came together; it was our moment. Today, the market and consumers have welcomed Biocryptology solutions excitedly.


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