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What is Biocryptology?

Biocryptology is a unique identification solution based on biometrics stored in a device, either a mobile phone or one of our hardware tokens.

Identify yourself with your biometrics and forget about passwords.

What solutions does it provide?

Integrated Identification and Access Control

Authentication with biometrics of the device or our tokens, in web or physical environments

The login becomes more agile and secure with biometrics or QR code, in online or physical stores.

Also, access control to facilities or events with our biometric data.

Time Control

Based on biometric authentication, either in the office or in a remote environment, when travelling or meeting.

Secure Payment

We not only identify, we integrate with payment platforms and card tokenizers, complying with PSD2 and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) by using multiple authentication factors.

Digital Signature

It includes biometrics and is associated with the necessary official documentation uploaded to a certified environment, digital signature level.


Only with a QR, smart link or per environment we customize the user experience.

Is it safe?

Of course, since we don’t store biometric data, so no one can steal it.

The biometric data is stored only in the device, and since it is unique and non-transferable, no one could use it in case of loss or theft.

Who is it aimed at?

To everyone. Both companies, SMEs, online shops, physical shops and users. Everyone who wants to have a fast and secure access control system.

How does it work? (Users)

Very easy, download the APP in Google Play or App Store, where you will have to fill in your data ONCE. The device will already recognize your fingerprint and you will be able to identify yourself and/or pay without passwords.

How does it work? (Companies)

Biocryptology is easily integrated using a universal and unbiased identification platform, our approach avoids dealing with phishing and identity theft, allowing secure transactions in any process.

You can download the Biocryptology plugin from major CMS and/or with an open API.

We also have higher security biometric devices for regulated industries.

Contact us if you want information about them: [email protected]

Which CMS can be implemented? (Business)

WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Magnolia, Shopify and API.

Where can it be used? (Users)

There are many websites and online stores like:


We are currently working with various platforms where you will soon be able to use our app.

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