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How does Biocryptology works for final users?

Using Biocryptology is very simple:

Download our app and enroll Biocryptology to link your device. If you are using an iOS device, you will be required to configure a PIN code due to Apple requirements.

Biocryptology is linked to your mobile device regardless the biometric system it uses fingerprint reader, face recognition or even iris scanner. Remember that Biocryptology doesn’t store any biometric data.


Biocryptology App

Once the app installation and enrollment processes are completed, you can manage your information, sites and payments in an easy and secure way:

You will find out the following features:


We need your identification data due to legal requirements. Biocryptology doesn’t store or use your data for other purposes. Only you can manage and edit them. Your data is anonymized to avoid hacking.


List of the sites and e-commerces which you’re linked to using Biocryptology. You can revoke your access at any moment.

BioSecure Pay

Wallet that allows you to pay in those sites that support Biocryptology.

QR Scanner

Just scan the QR code and you will be identified using the biometric system of your device. That easy!

Fast enrollment

Complete your basic personal information.

Verify your email address and phone number.

Scan the QR code with the app.

Verify your identity with your preferred device’s biometric system.

Browse your user dashboard.

Remember that you can access your profile, when using a web browser, with the Client’s Area button on the Biocryptology website, after log in first with Biocryptology.

Get to know Biocryptology

Find out how Biocryptology helps its clients to implement identification solutions using biometric data.

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