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Payments in concerts

Our Approach

A massive Festival that takes place in Spain needed to change the VIP Zone model to a more personalized experience, eliminating the concept of “open bar”, since each customer consumes an average of 17 drinks, which is not feasible, creating a cluster of half-finished drinks that accumulate at the tables, which generate a very high cost of alcohol and staff to keep the space clean and the experience pleasurable for the 1,500 people who fill the VIP Zone.

We created a concept of personalized experience that begins with the purchase on the website, where in order for customers to buy the VIP ticket and personalize their experience, from drinks to be consumed to the customization of their glasses and their table, they needed to register with Biocryptology.

Our challenge

To integrate our solution with the PoS of the organizer, since they didn’t have Wifi and their PoS were connected by cable, to achieve 4 goals: a faster access to avoid ticket resales, one-click payment to eliminate the need for credit card that makes the process slower and generates queues, to improve the user experience since before the visit to the visit itself, and increase the average ticket using the customization of the upsell offered in the PoS


Events management


Integrated identification, Secure Payments, Omnichannel

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